Saturday, September 22, 2007

Swap Partners

Yes, after hours of scientific logic, coin flipping and careful research of all you fabulous ladies, *e* and I have finally paired all of you up.

I want you to know that really there was little science involved but we tried our very bestest to pair everyone based on your questionaire answers as well as what we learned about you from your blogs. (yep, we visited every single one!)

But alas, we are only human, although a swap-picking-robot woulda been sweet, and we tried our best, so we hope you are all happy with your matches.

Jennifer W. + Shara S.
Samantha M. + Olivia C.
Mary Ann A. + Michele K.
Greta A. + Jennifer B.
Connie H. + Michelle S.
Jessica K. + Simone
Karen S. + Elizabeth M.
+ Angela D.
Noel M. + Erica P.
Bucket + Kate H.
Kimberly B. + Bobbie L.
Trisha M. + Malieta
Flossie + Judy B.
Christina H.
+ Susan G.
Laura B. + Lauren D.
Heather H. + Ashley F.
Kim M. + Andria O.
Kristina L. + Angelique B.

You will be receiving the questionaire answers from your partners via the email addresses you provided. Everything you need to get out your packages and learn a little more about your partners is included.

And be sure to drop your partner an email, visit her blog...All us bloggers love making new blogger buddies. This isn't a secret swap, so chat it up with your new blogger friends!

All packages should be mailed on or before October 15th!

Problems, concerns, questions, or you just wanna chat...feel free to email me! (spazzgirl555 at yahoo dot com or elizabeth at emma81399 at aol dot com)


Sarah Moore said...

crap! How'd I miss this! I LOVE your blog!!!!

sujesh said...
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