Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Less Spoooooky Halloween Decor

Hey spooksters, Simone here and dontcha just love all that creepy, spooky, eerie, give-ya-goosebumps stuff Elizabeth posted yesterday?
You don't?
You like a tamer, more gentler Halloween you say?

Well, I thought I would give y'all some less scary alternatives today.
I remember a time when my Halloween decor was way less scary due to a certain little kid and even nowadays, I can spookify my house almost all the way but there are still some things off limits. (otherwise someone can't sleep at night!)
So here's a few ideas to keep with sweeter side of Halloween.

How about this purple entryway.
You can make your own garland with craft store finds which are spray painted to suit your color scheme.
And I love all the colorful pumpkins too.
There are little ornaments and messages in the garland as well, I am sure you can accomplish the lettering with any painted chipboard letters.

I know our Michaels sells Halloween ornaments, or you can recreate your own with some styrofoam balls or clear ornaments.
Complete Instructions for making the Purple Garland.
Instructions for painting your own pumpkins funky colors.

Now this next project is so sweet it gave me a cavity and is totally not up my alley, but would make a cute little table for October.
Plus, it sounds very simple to make and if you love that country look, this would be the craft for you.
All the instructions for these fence-post pumpkins are HERE.

Candles seem like a Halloween must.

Even if you use those battery powered flicker things for safety, the glow of the candle really adds to any ambiance.
You can create these candles using wooden letters, deco paint and wire.
Directions are HERE.
Martha also recommends stamping hurricane or votive candle holders with dye ink and then wiping them clean with glass cleaner when Halloween is over. She has complete directions on her website as well.
And as long as your making the candles, you should make some of these creepy Mad Scientist jars too.

I am now officially saving all my jars and looking for creepy toys to use to make these.
My son will want to display these all year, I'm sure.

Now, if ya like the gross and eerie, this website, Scaryguys.com has some great how-tos as well for creating your own Haunted House.

And before I leave ya, I'm wondering, when do you start Halloweenizing your house??
When is the perfect time? Is there a good time?


elizabeth said...

oh i love the purple around the doorway. that is just awesome!

Michelle said...

I begin halloweening my home the last week of September. The jack-o-lanterns (well, decorative pumpkins) get done the week before halloween. I usually carve 1 dozen or 2 depending on how I feel. I make my treat bags the week before, also.

Crafty Connie said...

The halloweening begins when rocktober begins, 10-1.

Justin said...

Fabulous stuff for Halloween decoration!! I like this kind of less creepy things!!