Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Swap News and Update

Thanks to everyone who has already signed up! We are floored that there are actually more than 3 people.

We are still accepting sign-ups for the Bubble Bubble Swap and Trouble until Saturday, September 15th.

So, there is still time to join us, all the details are HERE.

Then, on Monday, September 17th (or maybe over the weekend), you will receive a questionaire that will help Elizabeth and I to pair ya up with the perfect partner. We need to get those back ASAP so we can get everyone matched, so try to shoot those back by the 21st.

All swaps need to be mailed directly to your partner on or before October 15th.
You say you want to start your swap...Go ahead.
Start your projects, your shopping, your stocking up of your favorite candies, the details aren't changing and you should be paired with a partner of similar tastes.

If anyone has any questions, concerns....just shoot me an email at spazzgirl555 at yahoodotcom.

PS. All participants will be linked in the sidebar of this blog, so we can all check out what you're up to. If you prefer not to be linked or you're not listed, let me know.

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