Friday, October 12, 2007

Flickr Group!!

Hey all you lucky witches who already got some fa-boo-lous (yes, I had to) packages from your partners....Why not give us all a sneak peek!!?

I have set up a Flickr Group...Bubble, Bubble, Swap and Trouble so that everyone can share what they made and what they received. It will be a great reference too for anyone who is looking to make treats for neighbors, friends, family, co-workers.

So don't be shy...come on! I want to see the goods.
Get posting!

Xtreme Pumpkins!!

I am a fan of all things Xtreme, especially when it is spelled omitting the first E, like it makes it that much more!
Well, I have not bought any pumpkins for the house yet, but we are getting ready to head out to the pumpkin patch (yep, we really go out to the patch and pick the pumpkin right from the vine) and get our orange global treasures.
Granted we buy a couple at the real patch then head down the road where the pumpkins are already picked for ya and get a couple cheaper pumpkins down there, the markup on self-picked pumpkins is ridiculous. I am doing all the work afterall.
In the meantime, we are deciding what we will carve into them.
It's a big decision.
We always try to make our better than any others (at least on our block) and definitely unique.
A couple years ago we carved out characters from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, those were definitely unique.
Well, if you are like we are and want some really unique and Xtreme pumpkin carving ideas, you should head over to
(they are super Xtreme even though they opt to use the 'e')
They have contest winners pumpkins from previous years and this one, this one and this one are awesome.
They also have Design ideas, Carving Tips and tons of How-To Advice.
And if you need more ideas or want to see more pumpkins, there is also The Pumpkin Patch flickr group that has some great ideas as well.
Get carving!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Halloween Carnival

There are a whole bunch of crafty Halloween ideas over at Craft Critique!
Be sure to check out their carnival for tons of great links and ideas.

Halloween Carnival

Just the Treats - Part 2

Now that October is officially here, we can get in full swing with our projects
These little mini shopping bags are perfect when you wanna give a little extra to the classmates or neighbors.

They are very simple and work with any thick paper or cardstock.
Here are the dimensions and scoring marks.
You cut your paper or cardstock to 8.5 x 5.5
Then score on 1", 4", 5", and 8".
Then score at 1" for the bottom.