Friday, September 7, 2007

Martha's Crafty Supplies

Alright, so I showed you all the Martha party supplies, so I thought today I would round out the week with her Halloween crafty goodies.
Most of the crafty supplies are self explanatory, so I am just adding basic info.

Martha's Stamps ($3.49 ea.)

This fence stanp is big (6.4 in. wide) and I know my buddy (and fellow swapper) Michele owns this one, she used it to make this card! ($9.99)This set of three stamps as well as that Gothic alphabet set is also $9.99. Double-sided stickers, so you can add glitter or embossing powder or sand to the top and adhere it to your project. (10 sheets for $4.99)Dimensional stickers (12 stickers for $3.99). Glitter stickers (2 sheets, 24 stickers $4.99) Flocked stickers (2 sheets, 42 stickers $4.99)Halloween Icon stickers (3 sheets, 21 stickers, $2.99) Mad Scientist stickers (3 sheets, 21 stickers, $1.99)
Glow in the Dark Seals for all your spooky mail. (2 sheets, 24 seals, $2.99)
Rubons (2 sheets each, $3.99)

Ribbons (23 yards for $5.99)
Decorative Tapes (4 patterns, 1 yd each, $4.99) Writeable Decorative tape, you can write or stamp your own messages on these bad boys! (3 designs, 1.5 yds each, $4.99)
Halloween Tags (8 tags with twine, $1.99)
For all your brown paper packages, you can tie them up with these Harvest twines (6 spools, 12 yds each, $3.99)
Tissue paper (4 designs, 10x10 sheets, 3 of each, $4.99)

12x12 Halloween papers (18 double sided sheets, $9.99)
Halloween Punches ($9.99 ea.)

And last, for all those that don't have a problem with this pesky flakes like I do...Halloween glitter. ($15.99 for the set that comes with three colors of glitter Golden Beryl, Yellow Gold, and Heliodor glitter and 4 oz of her glitter glue) And just black glitter ( 1.5 oz. for $4.99)
Remember there is more information and products on Martha's site and these items are available at Michaels and online as well.

I have also heard that the Michael's are now excepting coupons for the Martha goodies, but haven't tried to use one yet, if anyone has tried and it worked...please let us know!


Elaine said...

Well DANG!! I didn't know you could use the coupons now! I bought the trio of glittah, scrapbook paper, test tube party favors, ribbon that says Halloween, and mad scientist stickers...however, it was bought during a shopping spree and now I can't figure out where I put them! :(

I'm interested in joining your swap group if it is not too late!! :)


elizabeth said...

oh well i have some of that halloween stuff and it is fab. if i don't get my hands on that ribbon, well i don't know what will happen. good to know that you can use the coupons now...however, i'm not sure if i got an ad in sunday's paper :(