Friday, September 28, 2007

Just the Treats - Part 1

Hey you witches!!
Simone here.
Hope everyone has been in contact with your partners, at least leave a nice comment on their blogs woulda ya...everybody needs blogger encouragement, right?

Well, today I am starting a series I like to call, Just the Treats.
Yes, you could run out to your local shop and buy many ways to present your treats this year, in fact, I saw some treat sacks at the dollar store.
But if you are looking for a way to share treats and your crafty talents, I thought I would start showing you many, many ways to dress up the goods.

So Part 1 - The Gum Holder.Haven't you heard...The ADA has now said that chewing gum is good for you!
Where were they back in the 80s when all I wanted was to chew some Fruit Stripe gum?

Well, you can get packs of Trident gum at the store rather cheaply, you know those skinny ones with only like 8 pieces in there.
And whip up some of these with cardstock.
This little holder is super easy to make and you really don't need the velcro at all, I used it to hold a mini kit kat in there and now it is gone.
Wonder where that candy coulda gone, probably right into an 11 year old's mouth when I left it alone.
Oh, forgot to mention, it holds other small candies as well, like mini kit kats, bit 'o honeys...really anything flat and skinny.

And if you don't have that handy punch from Stampin Up to make the slit, you can really make it yourself, or use a circle punch and just go across with it.

The diagram with cut and score lines are on Splitcoaststampers, here and here.

Got a great treat idea?? We'd love to see it and link ya up!

Stay tuned for more ways to dress up your treats next week.

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