Thursday, September 6, 2007

Party Supplies - The Martha Way

Yes, yes...she does it all. Cooks, gardens, knits, crafts and now she does Halloween too!
If you haven't had a chance to catch a glimpse of the new Martha Halloween line at Michaels, you have been missing some of the coolest new stuff on the block.

I had the pleasure of viewing it all first back in July at CHA and I was giddy with excitement when I saw all the Halloween stuff and have avoided Michaels since because I knew it would be trouble on my checkbook.

So here are a few of her products that are perfect for your Halloween festivities this year.
First thing you need are the invitations.
These cat invites are simply lovely. They come with 8 invites, 8 inserts to write your info on and 8 envelopes, but they aren't cheap at $10 for 8.

A more inexpensive option would be to buy this 3 piece stamp set ($12.99) and make your own invitations. I have heard nothing but good things about Martha's stamps so far.Now, if you want to splurge on the invites and truly get your guests talking about how fab your party is even before they walk through your door, then these are the invites to get! These reminder finger invitations come with 6 resin fingers, 3 yards of black ribbon, 6 invitation boxes,
6 black note card inserts, 1 Sterling gel pen, and shredded tissue paper. They aren't cheap at $12.99 for 6, but I think they would be well worth the money to set the scene for a ghoulish night.
Another option for a cool invitation that is on the more expensive side as well, would be these Mad Scientist invitations. Each kit is $12.99 and comes with 6 slide mailers, 12 plastic slides, 6 bug specimen stickers, 6 specimen labels, 6 date/time/place stickers, and 2 sheets of clear adhesive mailer seals. These would be cheaper to mail than the fingers in the box and still unique enough to have your guests talking about them.
I bet you could even buy slides and these holders and make your own.
I am lucky enough to live close to the American Science and Surplus store and I know they sell that kinda stuff, as well as lots of other kooky stuff perfect for Halloween hoopla. Now on to the decor.

These rats are a perfect addition to any staircase to spook out your guests. I am sure this is another idea that could easily be re-created in your own home for a fraction of the cost!
Martha's rodents are sold in packages of 10 for $4.99. Maybe at that price it is just easier to buy these than cut out all those rats.

Now, this garland is definitely something that I am working on for my own house. It is so simple to recreate with a scalloped punch and some letter stamps or stickers, love this idea.
Martha's garland will cost ya $4.99 and comes with the 12 circles and two 75 inch ribbons.

The bat garland shown here would be much more difficult to make yourself, so you can purchase 25 feet of this plastic garland for $5.99.These silhouettes are perfect for your windows and I remember last year Martha had patterns on her site for making them yourself.
I don't know if she is still offering the free pattern now that she's selling them, but it would be worth a look-see if you wanted to make them yourself.
Besides the witch shown here, they also come in skeleton and cat designs and are $9.99 each but this self clinging sheet is reusable year to year.
Another spooky item to add to your table would be a nice centerpiece of skullz and bones.
I'm sure that Martha's is covered in glitter (eek!) because I saw it at CHA, but these just come plain, unglittered. You get 2 skulls and 2 jaw bones, 6 large bones, and 6 small bones to throw around your place as you choose, but I must say this bowl of bones is perfect. (cost for kit is $14.99) Now on to the food, what's a party without food and drink?

You can jazz up your appetizers with these Skull and Crossbone toppers!
They come in a pack of 24 for only $3.99.
You can spookify (I think I just made up that word) your soda or wine bottles with these handy Mad Scientist Beverage Labels, they come in packs of 9 assorted labels for $3.99. This would be a great way to spruce up a bottle you may be bringing to a party as well!

If there is one item that I really love of Martha's it would be her boxes for all your baked goods.
These cupcake boxes with skullz and a window on top sell for $9.99 for a kit to make 8 boxes that come with 12 laboratory labels and 12 skull seals. They would be perfect for guests that want to take their desserts home with them or as your treats.

Speaking of treats....
What's Halloween without treats, right?

Well, Martha has several treat bags. There are these Window Treat Bags which sell for $4.99 for a pack of 8, although I think this is something anyone with a die cut could easily recreate!
Or these Spider web treat bags which sell for $9.99 for a package of 12.
If you want to have the coolest treats on the block for your party, you can give your guest these Test Tube Party favors. (again, another item you can easily re-create with supplies from the AS and S store.) This kit sells for $8.99 and comes with 8 test tubes and corks and 8 labels.If you want something other than candy, these Test Tube pens are very cool. My little guy has already declared he will be buying and using these at school this year, so I guess they pass the "cool test". They are $4.99 for four pens.
There are more party items listed on her website, I just picked the ones I liked best!
Martha Stewart Website
And stay tuned for more Martha tomorrow, when I will feature the Martha Halloween craft supplies!


Kimberly said...

These are great ideas, Thanks!

Crafty Connie said...

Love the new word, "spookify".
Will definitely be stealing that one for this Halloween season.

Thanks for the preview

elizabeth said...

if i don't get me some of those lil test tubes and those lil gift bags, i think i will die.


martha is the best :)

Bucket said...

Your killing me with all this stuff. I want it all. Now I wasn't going to have a Halloween party, but I might have to plan something, I want one now. Well I only want one so that I can decorate my house with all these goodies. :-)